Receive, Store, and Deliver

Why should you let us receive, store and deliver?

The unit(s) will be delivered to our office locations where the right equipment will be there to properly unload it.  We have indoor and outdoor storage.  Not having the unit(s) stored on the job site keeps the job site from becoming cluttered. The unit will not be handled multiple times; decreasing the risk of damage on tight job sites.  Setting up a delivery from an out of town trucking service to transport the unit(s) on time is a hassle.  Once the unit is delivered, it is in our hands to transport, which leaves you with one less worry.  When the unit comes into our yard, it gives you time to check the specs of the unit and if alterations are needed to the unit or job site.  Delivery is easier for you, and us, because we can position the unit in the most efficient location.